Another Fainting Target from Hohan Sokens Notes that is easily accessible and worthy of much training. As this affects the Blood Circulation, Heart, Liver and Stomach so it is far reaching and an importnat target.

This can be accessed with many tools or weapons such as the punch, elbow, knee... even a headbutt, in either standing combat or ground fighting applications. Here is a small list of fitghting styles and the tools that this target may be used (this is only a small sample):

  • Uechi/Pangainoon: Elbow of Seisan - as the opponent closes in to clinch,push the head back nd dropping the elbow.
  • Muy Tai: Knee - from a clinch, pulling the opponent down and forward into a rising knee.
  • Jujitsu (grounded): Heal of foot - from a side arm bar, the Kyusho practitioner can drop a heal easily on the Kyose.
  • Karate: Front Punch - from a clinch position, pulling the neck with one hand as the two knuckles strike forward into the pull.
  • Wing Chun: Iron Sword - the dropping heel palm of Bui Jee is easily employed if the opponent withdraws their head from an eye jab.

Again this is a simplified and small sample of ideas to access this Kyusho Target, it is in your hands as to how and when to use it.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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