How can you knock someone out on the arm?

Well Hohan Soken noted that it was due to neurological shock to the system, but it goes even deeper than that, but more on that in a moment. When you attack the targets in a certain way you can pinch the nerve against the bone and cause intense pain,physical dysfunction and withdrawal reflex actions. Struck well enough, this shocks the nervous system and causes and nuero overload.

However if we use a different trajectory, we can penetrate deeper to access the arteries. These are not only deeper, but the nerves lay over them and offer a bit of protection due to the withdrawal reflex. This reflex pulls the arm away to prevent the attack from reaching the artery. However when you use the correct tool and trajectory, the reflex takes longer and it that time the artery is accessible. This causes a shock now to the autonomic system and causes a drop in the blood pressure.

Out of the 7 arm targets Soken listed, only one was not listed as a "fainting" target, however we saw that by working with the deeper anatomy, even that target could render someone unconscious. The Kote target has two trajectories that are possible, one for causing pain and dysfunction, the other to induce fainting.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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