The KO

So many people find Kyusho by seeing a Knock Out video on the internet and want to be able to accomplish this (seemingly) effortless, yet devastating skill.  And this is exactly why we do place the videos on such a public domain... to attract people to the study.

However most people that begin studying Kyusho from finding it this way, become obsessed with this single aspect... and miss the other 99% fthe available skills, options or possibilities for themselves and or students.

Next they conceptualize Kyusho as a Martial Art as most videos are done in classic Martial Arts uniforms, again missing 99% ofthe potential of Kyusho.  It is the epitomy and base of the Martial Arts, but we must not overlook the control and infinite other skills and potentials just to get a KO.

Long time practitioners and instructors realize the allure, we know the wants and desire of the typical Martial Arts practitioner (we started this way too), we also realize that their true study and growth will not happen until the novice first accomplishs that first KO... then they can begin to really learn what Kyusho is.

Kyusho is a study of the human anatomy, its functions and dynamics in all aspects of life... do not allow yourself to miss the full potential Kyusho can have for you.

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