Invisible-KnockoutWhere are we heading?

We are always in uncharted waters... with social unrest now escalating our responsibilities are increasing exponentially.

The new KO Game is becoming a viral antic by mostly inner city teens and adolescents.

Nothing is sacred anymore… as there is no regard for innocent existence.  This is a dangerous game being played all around the globe as the violent video games, wars, gang violence and even gangs being allowed to exist, a failed judicial system and a policy to "Understand" the youths situation rather than correct it.

This is a new phenomenon but a few years ago the the game was somewhat worse, they were stabbing people just walking down the street, so at least it is moving in a better direction.  This is not to condone, just to state facts, society is still better than 100, 500 or 1,000 years ago when death, rape, torture were all part of daily life (in some countries it still is).  India for example is unfortunately the rape capital of the world... but since this is not new it is not news.

This is not anyone else's responsibility like police or government, it is we the people that one by one need to stand up and say as well as do something.  We as society were on a better track, which is now in regression (but to what degree is not ascertainable), has two paths one as a temporary setback (natural) or as a permanent situation (unnatural).  We need to get back to common law and common sense.

We can as educators start by making people more aware that this and more is possible, probable and it is not just happening to other people, it can happen to them (Normalcy Bias).  Once people actually wake up and realize common sense and common law again we will begin to progress again.  As Martial Artists, if we embrace this the arts will flourish, but sadly this is not the norm at this time, it is more hard hitting sales and drama oh and lest we forget how long our belts are… we can be a solution.

Another responsibility we all have is to make people situationally aware of there surroundings as well as able to spot trouble heading toward them.

Strong Suggestions:  

  1. Get away from public demonstration and do not post your KO's on YouTube any longer. The long held fears of many are becoming now relevant.
  2. Go underground again.... Kyusho was held secret for centuries to avoid this easy unrestricted access, now with Facebook and YouTube the young have openly picked this up, you need to be more responsible in your personal posts now.
  3. Become more secretive and private, taking on specific clientele, not just the masses.
  4. There is no way you can now delete all of your videos from the social network, however you can not add anymore.
  5. If all Kyusho practitioners stopped adding KO films we would also be more respected (Additional information from December 2012 - click here.)!

Do not re-post or share this on Facebook please.

PS On the plus side for Kyusho Practitioners, this ends that stupid mantra; "Kyusho won't work on the street".