Advanced Kyusho - Sound Projection 16

Knuckle to Nerve Juji-Uki 4

Part 16 of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection Series

This is the final segment in the four directional Juji-Ukeapplication with sound projection. As we know from prior segments, sound projection weakens the nervous system considerably. This will make your applications more powerful and have a much more dramatic and rapid effect on your opponent.

We start working these from stayed positions and progress into more dynamic fighting techniquessuch as live grappling, clinched positions and other fighting or self defense applications. This fourth direction is no different, except in that it is an  outward press from this crosshand position.

In the prior three Juji-Uke sound enhanced applications, we've gone into the sinking or the dropping pressure, the rising pressure, then the inward pressure, and the final pressure is outward away from our body with the inner hand as the outer hand puls inward to brace andadd compressive power.

These sound applications are only on the nerves as the blood is not affected by the additional vibrational influences. However it will also work on muscle spindle cells and golgi tendons as they are neuro transmission structures. You just have to be very careful because the profound effect in an arm bar appication as an example. This is due to the more profound and rapid release while employing the sound, so the probability of joint dislocation will be much more pronounced.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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