treeKnowledge is great...

no doubt about it, however unless it is consistently challenged to further it, it becomes stagnant and worth less (not worthless).

This is a main problem today is that we are stuck in a classroom with our heads crammed full of antiquated information that has little to no worth in an ever changing and rapidly changing reality.

Our kids (as example), should be in apprentice programs after a certain age with hands on in their chosen path, not relying on old thought, methods and ways... but rather learning through experience the base and the way to modify to the times, wants and needs of the individual they are serving.

Well welcome to Kyusho, this is just as relevant to what we are working on as it is in medicine, science, auto mechanics, even plumbing... in short everything.

Now here is the vital point for us in Kyusho.

Many people teach the same way they learned... this is the error as it is not a game of memorization, it is skill attainment... and people, things, influences, environments, laws, etc. all change... so we can not live in the past, remember and regurgitate type school (indoctrination) processes.  So why are people still teaching it this way... why are people still learning this way?

Next point is that to learn anything well (or to that ever elusive master or expert level), we must have a single focus, a single process and a single base of past knowledge to grow from.

When a Kyusho enthusiast first starts to learn they try to absorb as much as possible from as many varied sources and teachers as possible, this is where is where they stifle themselves (falsely believing they are gaining more knowledge, (which they are just not translatable into skill), as it keeps them unfocused and constantly engaged in mental activity than actual skill attainment), into stagnancy from confusion in their learning process.

If you have a library say of 10 - 20 instructors and you are trying to understand a single topic or learn a single skill, the variance in knowledge, methods, transmission and benefit are therefore so diversified their is no focus on building from a single solid base... eventually you will have a very weak and unstable structure. Now further that with all the information being older information (yes history is important so we do not make the same mistakes) and you will not sense the growth potential or the infinite possibilities as you are mired in antiquated and dead information.  Yes this may seem exciting and beneficial to have a varied source pool... but without experiential focus you are destined to wander as opposed to walking your path to success.

What is a better model is a single building process with hundreds of minds and thousands of hands working progressively toward the single goal, based on individual needs and from a solid and ever changing progression.  As a Sensei of old once stated: "Dig a small hole but dig it very deep".

Through investigation, trial and yes lots of error, open communication on experiences in a single direction... we will continue to push past barriers. It is not always easy to shed an old paradigm that you are used to or used to believe, for a new reality found with hands on experience.

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