Some Have - Some Won't

Today we're going to take a look at a comment that was received on my YouTube channel. I get a ton of them from naysayers and people that just don't have an understanding of what Kyusho is.

Now they need a Wake Up Call as they always compare it to MMA fights or UFC fights, or boxing matches, etc. What they don't realize is if they don't understand Kyusho, they don't understand what they're seeing during a knockout.

For example this viewer "green distance star", came on recently to comment on the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" seen on the Kill Bill movie. This video was where I had a little fun showing the example of Steven Seagal also doing this knockout, that was exactly replicated in this movie. I did it as well to show that it could be duplicated and it was a severe and real Target.

In his comment, "green distance star" said "Isn't it curious that nobody uses this technique in combat sports? They would if it worked, because if you want to know the best way to do something, ask the person who does it for a living." Well I do, do it for a living, so I said thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post. The short answer is, it already has, a longer explanation is that it may not be in this movie type action, which is the finger pecking action into the chest but it could be an elbow or punch or other striking action. The target would work as it impairs heart function considerably.

If you search through the channel you'll note that many Pro Fighters have also known the Knockout targets from Ali to Liddell to La Hoya and others. What people do not research generally is all that is done on the channel. They recognize fighting in the MMA or UFC or Boxing has Knockouts, but they don't understand when they see a knockout, that it is on a Kyusho Target.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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