With the 6 Ji Hands and Bob

Constant hand training is a must to develop greater Kyusho skills as your hands will feel how to strike and where to strike… with proper trajectory. This does not mean you need to strike a Makiwara, Wooden Dummy, Heavy Bag or any dormant object, although they can be successfully used as well. Now most people will not be able to place a Wooden Dummy, Heavy Bag or even a Makiwara in their home for this constant practice. However there is a newer device called a "Bob" made by Century, that is easy to buy, setup and train on daily.

This is shaped well for the Kyusho Practitioner to train their 6 Ji Hands fro proper Target Acquisition, Torque and Trajectory. Now this will be limited to Head, Neck and Torso (Body) Targets, but it is a start, especially in these modern times when training facilities are closed or limited by the covid issue. This device with proper training and practice, can keep your skills at a higher level, or help you develop proper Kyusho Skills as a beginner.

To learn the method, targets in this 47:00 film, use these links:

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