evan7Kin Ken - GoldenFist

Kin Ken is known to most as a Kata handed down by the late Daniel K. Pai, but it is far more than that when you research it's potentials.

Here is an example KO from long ago out of the Kin Ken, as we were requested to develop as many unique KO's as possible from it. (Most were very sophisticated and never published).... but here is one for you to gander at just click the picture.  This is not the most advanced concept or possibility, within the Kin Ken, but more of a basic component for understanding the actual and main component of the "Golden Fist" method.

Kin Ken translates into Golden Fist, which can be likened to Indianic ideology of the "Lightening Hand" or modern day "Kyusho" which sends electrical overload into the opponents nervous system.

This was possible by using the Iron Palm (of the Bubishi) on the nerves at the top of the head and then a shock to the nerves of the spine.  The slap is important as it stimulates the nerves in a specific manner (necessary in particular for the superficial nerves under the scalp) for the best results.  The vibrational qualities of a slapping action over a fisted or sharper knuckled weapon yields greater stimulation and overload to many nerves over a single nerve entry point.

Also there was the use of an Iron Palm (6 Ji Hands) to the spine, again not "Point Specific"  (and why it is more advanced method), for nuero-message overload.  This "Hand" is not a just a simple slapping action, but a defined motion of the palm soliciting a specific transfer of kinetic energy into the opponents nervous system.

This form or method of attack is more energetic than technique based and why it will also apply to all your skills in any style.  The name "Kin Ken" (Golden Fist), does not denote fist fighting method in the form or style, as there are more open hand application than fisted, but rather it denotes the advanced targeting and methods of attacking them in rare and highly valued ways (think rare and valuable... GOLD, think of the FIST as holding onto something tightly... like Gold, maybe the reason for the special name Kin Ken).





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