Sanchin Kyusho Tegumi

Part 8 in a Continuing Series

The Kidneys are one of our most vulnerable targets, located in the lower back.

Looking at the skeletal structure and the internal organs , past the skin, multiple layers of fascia, muscles and yet more layers such as diaphragmatic fascia as protections, you can see the Kidney. This organ comes in two sections like the liver. It lay just under the 12th (lowest) rib that is quite small and has a little piece of cartilage on the tip. This rib lays very close to the kidney, which also overlays some vascular tissue and of course a nerve.

Remember nerves are in part to protect the body, because they sense pain they can send a message to initiate a withdrawal reflex to pull the body away from the danger. But when it's done quickly, with a rapid pulse and or strike, then you're going to be tapping into a nerve an artery and a vein. The nerve is called the Sub Coastal Nerve, the vein and artery are also named Sub Coastal vein and of course artery accordingly. So this is a very dangerous especially with the Kidney itself.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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