In Kyusho the key to true success is Focus.

There are several steps in understanding Kyusho, each and every one can stand on it's own, but together they form a solid base of information that will enable you to reach new heights in potential and skill.

This takes laser like focus, which would seem common sense as we are targeting small weaker aspects of the human structure and not just randomly targeting a section of the structure.

However as there is so much that Kyusho encompasses the novice will quickly be inundated with information, anatomy, theoretical jargon and so many people publishing conflicting information.

But if you look, there is a focus to all of it, but you must get past the fancy displays, the array of explanations of how to do it better or make it work.

The simple key is when you attack a specific target in the correct way the body experiences dysfunction... so your goal is simple, focus on specific targets rather than general targets and you will achieve far greater success.

Next do not try to learn more than one point at a time, this is not a race, just take one point and use it in as many various applications and scenarios that you can. Once you begin to become accustomed to the point, you will feel it occur in all you do... only then should you move on to another target.

If you use this focus you will find that you learn faster and substantially better... this is a journey pace yourself and look for the full understanding (and skill) as opposed to superficial and therefore useless skill.