It's Black and White

Kyusho is the Key to all Martial Arts Styles, be it for health, energy training or pugilism.

Within the Key of Kyusho, are additional Keys to making it functional for you and your style or area of interest.

And in the Bubishi there are keys that will unlock the manuals Martial aspects... but did you know some of the Keys, have Keys to unlocking greater Kyusho potential?

Well there are.


Throughout over 80 videos I have produced, there are several of these Keys, in fact there are only 2 keys that have not been released publicly.  These keys are located among the videos and explained obliquely, yet few have picked up on them.

They are in plain sight, however not always mentioned as being such a key.  The reason is simple... they will reveal themselves over time when the practitioner is ready and picks up on them from their experience as well as reviewing them several times.

These keys are not in the TCM model, they are based on actual physics, anatomy, physiology and functionality.

Those that work in the TCM model will not find them... they are hidden safely in real life and Kyusho.

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