22:00 minutes

Kyusho is a foundational pillar of all Kata

It has long been written by many masters of old, that anatomical Kyusho was a basis of their particular styles.

In this film, Jamie Evans of Boston, Massachusetts breaks down some Kyusho Interpretations from Kata Sanchin.

  1. Kata
  2. Arms Attacks
  3. Head Attacks
  4. Body Attacks
  5. Leg Attacks
  6. Takedowns
  7. Grappling (standing or ground)
  8. Joint manipulation
  9. Weapons attack
  10. Use in Sparring

Jaime was shown this Kata only 6 months ago, but decided to break it down as he went, compared to waiting until he "Mastered" it.  This is an interesting ideology and it will be great at some future time to re-visit his thoughts after more time to see how it is developing.

For a 6 month effort, there is a great amount of method even the most experienced Sanchin practitioners can derive.

Nice work Jaime Evans.

This was a project to help spread Kyusho in Kata, showing not only the form and Bunkai, but also using that Kyusho Bunkai in more spontaneous sparring.  It is to illustrate to the Kyusho beginner, how it could integrate withing your style as well as how you can also build your Kyusho Kata.


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