Vital Points of Jyodan (Upper Row) and Spots to be attacked

Kasumi:  Fatal Attack by Isshiken (Phoenix Eye Fist), Uraken (Back Fist) and Dagger.

Affects:  Severe Stimulation of brain nerves and sense motor organs are to be lost.

Well this is just the 3rd listed Kyusho Target from Hohan Soken and another cause of fatality. Again this all points to the real purpose of "Old" Martial Arts, it was not exercise, it was not sport, it was not even pretty or exciting to watch, it was real with real intent to win the conflict. We have strayed so far from this original intent and reality that it will be difficult for many to accept, let alone research or especially train. Some are so ingrained in their blind adoption of their instructors that they can not allow themselves to see anything different.

The listing of "Fatal" also tends to scare Martial Artists, they can not conceive that this is the ultimate level of a targets (Kyusho) use and that more moderate and safe applications on the target can still incapacitate or dysfunction the opponent without damage or death.

This is why these notes are being presented once again and modernized to safely train the Kyusho Targets passed down from the Soken lineage. We explain the targets in modern terms, investigate the anatomy and physiology of the listed targets and demonstrate the efficacy in use.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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