kiss-red-lipsKeep It Simple Stupid

We have all heard this expression from all facets of life and endeavor, but how many actually strive for this?

In today's society everything has gotten so complex that many people have difficulty discerning the simplicity of each need... and so it is in Kyusho as well.

When a person first begins learning Kyusho they see the devastating results and seeming simplicity or "Magic".  They know they have not and can not duplicate this by themselves and begin to imagine some special information is needed to make it work for them.

They search the internet, purchase multitudes of books and videos and become overwhelmed with theories and complex models or anatomical study. They seek to find the tricks or special sequences or intricate qualities, but not the simplicity of training hard to access a moving target correctly under stress and spontaneity.

Yes it can be fun and even intriguing to research in an attempt to understand what Kyusho is or to think their is a need for special information and how it actually works based on medical concepts, scientific concepts or ancient beliefs... But in time of need or stress does it really matter?

As an example; do you need know how electricity works to use it or do you just need to know which switch to flip to gain the benefits? Yes we still need electricians and scientists to know what it is exactly or how it works, but for 99% it is not what matters, what does matter is can they use it easily, simply, quickly and reliably?

What the simple "real" need is, is simple, serious, continuous practice under increasing stress and demand, to be able to flip that switch. If more people used this simplistic approach, more people would work with it and realize the benefits.

Keep it simple, don't make people feel stupid from lack of theory or science; empower them more with actual skill.