Training a Knockout

These targets are incredibly powerful as they are so close to the brain and brain stem. In fact the Mental Nerve is part of the Trigeminal Nerve that originates in the Brain Stem itself. This proximity to the brain produces far more powerful affects due to the short travel as well as the sharper shock of striking the nerve against the hard skull for a more acute message.

The Training is in the Hands

The targets are more powerful in the head for a neurological shutdown, but only if your training has helped you become skilled enough to use gross motor skill tools to access them in various and unpredictable situations.

For this I like to take a knockout method and apply it to as many different people as I can to assure the results. Once the method is validated, you can then escalate to more urgent attack scenarios to deploy it, thus assuring work-ability in a real and more stressful need.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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