Because it is not a Real Kyusho Target

An interesting question came in by email that was concerned about applying pressure for the Lateral Headache remedy.

There are so many reasons why the "Pressure Point" called"Gall Bladder 20" (GB-20) is not dangerous as touted in the email below (name withheld):

"Hi, we were recently discussing the lateral headaches recipe given on the website at our study group, and one of our members were concerned about the use of GB20 and discussed it with the GM in our style, as he is an experienced acupuncturist of 30+ years, he also had concerns, I was just wondering if this is a safe method of relieving headaches? I've attached a short video that was sent to myself as an explanation on the topic. As I am only at the beginning of my Kyushu journey, I was just hoping for clarification on whether or not this is safe to practice? And just looking further information on it, to educate myself I suppose.

I apologise the video wont attach, basically his concern was, the vertebral artery exiting at the top of the cervical vertebrae at C1, and is exposed between there and entering the skull, and pressing GB20 firmly would essentially be compressing the artery against C1, and therefore stopping blood flow to the brain. Would this be safe to do?
Thanks again"

The quick answer is that is is not dangerous as Acupuncturists have stuck needles in the pressure point for millennia, finger pressure will not cause harm in this area... but it is not the GB-20 that the Headache Remedy actually uses.

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