Saving Others

With today's world we need to sometimes help others under assault.

We take a brief look at third party intervention when an aggressor is taking advantage or inflicting damage upon an innocent, or you are working to de-escalate a situation where one of the parties will be injured. There are some tactical ideas as well as targets for you to work with and employ to not only keep you safer, but to gain the quickest advantage possible.

These ideas reflect more real situations rather than typical techniques or bunkai, they should be worked in more realistic environments as well. Kyusho is fine to practice in the training halls, but to become more skilled, sure and applicable, you must use real environments outside as well. Parking lots, parks, alleys, elevators, staircases and all environments you frequent.

You should work through visits to the ATM, placing groceries in your auto, opting out of a crowded elevator to take the stairs, on sidewalks, slippery environments, etc. if you want Kyusho Real you must take it to that level.

My suggestion for instructors is to duplicate these techniques first in the class, then for fun and excitement bring the polished class outside and think of ways and places to work these very ideas... then it will become more rel for your people.

To escalate, after all is polished inside the training hall and out in as many varied environments as possible, then add the dimension of the attacker with a blade, differing positions of attack or even a gun. The more you put into developing realism with Kyusho, the more people will appreciate it and the more worth and value it has.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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