older-manKyusho Success Story.

We interrupt your normal Friday Blog Schedule for a news item of Kyusho Success.

For decades we have been successfully helping people not only in a Martial aspect, but in their Health, Wellness, Vitality, Intimacy and of course Protection.

Well here is yet another of the thousands of success stories in the wellness aspect:

Working out of a Doctors office for Kyusho therapy, he refers clients for special help.  Just yesterday he referred a 92 year old man that had not felt anything in the first two fingers and thumb of his right hand for many years, he also suffered from Sciatica for many more.

After one treatment with the Kyusho, he again felt his fingers (not fully, yet after many years of no tactile sense, it was a great success that made him very happy). We then moved on to the Sciatica, where although not "cured" it was remarkably better and he began to walk better, more stable as well as more upright.

After years of medical assistance and investigation, the core or "Vital" issue was uncovered and relieved.  This is always a great motivation to help people, especially to help them feel better, but to see the look on the old guys face, the spring in his step and the grand daughters appreciation...

That is what is the "Vital Point" (def. of Kyusho).





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