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Gary Rooks has been tirelessly working in acupressure for over a decade mapping the human bio-electrical response.  He has helped so many depart from the serious issues that plagued them; from Turrets Syndrome to lighting strike victims.

His system stems from the study of Kyusho and the full understanding of not only re-balancing and revitalizing the bodies own natural healing and physiological function, from learning first how to shut these systems down.  In so doing Gary Rooks has successfully mapped and coordinated the neurological patterns of the human and how to reconnect and re-balance these systems that many Doctors, Hospitals and even Sports Teams have referred patients, victims, professional and amateur athletes to his services.

Infertility - Success really began to blossom for Gary when he first found the method of releasing tension and malfunction of female conception... with hundreds of successful treatments, word spread fast throughout the community and beyond.  This alone is a paramount success in bringing joy and life to the world, but he did not rest on this success, he was driven to help yet more people.

Sports Attributes -  has always been one of Gary Rooks passions since reading Bruce Lees "Tao of Jeet Kune Do"... that lead to many discoveries and methods.  A local of Ohio, Gary was soon referred to the Cincinnati Bengals and Cheering Squad to help these professionals in faster recovery, maintenance and increasing their athletic attributes with his renowned method.

Lighting Strike Victims - As the Cincinnati area is prone to many violent  electrical storms itis only logical t understand there would be a large number of lightening strike victims as well.  As he has been successfully able to help those stricken to regain mobility and functionality back in their lives he is now sought for this treatment.  His most recent was a young boy of 11 years, stricken and rendered in a state that required breathing as well as feeding tubes.  In his first visit the young boy was able to come off the breathing and feeding tubes and in subsequent visits regain movement and normalcy back in his life.

Stroke Victims- Regularly local hospitals send stroke victims by ambulance to Gary's main office for immediate body work and correction after the initial stabilization process at he hospital.  This helps in their recovery of physical movement that is often debilitated during stroke, the success rate has been astounding.

These are just a small sampling of successes his brilliant methods have achieved bringing him local and remote notoriety and clients... and as such the notice of many local Doctors and Hospitals.  So impressed by these benefits a team of Doctors and a special cooperative with Dr. Raymond Noschang, M.D, they began work on instituting a college for this remarkable method... but quickly dismissed it due to the limitations.  This limitation is that a College needs a central campus to which all wanting to learn and become accredited must attend.  Instead the decision has been made to found the "International Academy of Modern Acupressure" so that base academies may propagate worldwide, helping many others, help many others.

There are several people in several countries already training and applying this knowledge successfully... and in January of 2015, the Academies will officially start accepting students in these locations and to also spread the academy and Gary Rooks method to help many people around the world.

This is a fully accredited program... Medically Backed.




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