Hypocrite[1]Why you two faced....

Ah many may view the evolution of Kyusho as rife with hypocritical changes and processes, but this is not true.

It is actually refinement, discovery and validation process that only makes the in-involved as well as involved view it incorrectly.

We work certain ideas, theories and or in paradigms we take as true, but as we work with it we discover that it is incorrect or off the target.

One particular case of grounding and in grounding that I exposed 20 years ago (and the topic of the March Vlog), is still of pillar of good Kyusho.  Recently I have been called a hypocrite as I now state it is not necessary, but it is out of context that accusation stems.  It matters only when the opponents are in a static position.  It does not in dynamic action of a real fight where the opponents are in continuous and rapidly shifting motion.  Should that new discovery been kept quite so as not to appear hypocritical or was it better to state what experience uncovered?

So we are now faced with two paths one which must be taken:

  1. We can ignore the new findings and continue on so that we may keep the appearance of continuity and integrity... even though it is just the opposite reality from what we are trying to maintain.
  2. We can adopt the refinement or discovery and communicate this publicly, no matter what the backlash and how much people believe we are now being hypocritical or disingenuous.  However it is this seemingly hypocritical action that exudes integrity as we reveal the better or more accurate findings.

This dilemma is somewhat understandable as many people fear conflict, they do not want to break from the crowd and possibly draw attention to themselves.  But the real hypocrisy comes from the knowing and denial of the new found truth.

What is unfortunate is that these people that know a new truth, but fear letting others know, now live with the inner conflict and it becomes uncomfortable... some delve deeper into the old paradigm to hide or possibly resist what they know as true.  The only hypocrisy is not changing when a new truth is found.

There have been many discoveries that fly in the face of the accepted dogma:

  1. We now know definitively that it does not take 3 pressure points to cause a KO.
  2. We now know definitively that striking 4 points will not cause a major organ to stop functioning.
  3. We now know definitively that striking 5 points will not necessarily kill a person.
  4. We now know definitively that  Traditional Chinese Medicine (or approach - TCM) is not the working model of Kyusho or Dim Mak.
  5. We now know definitively that there are no such things as pressure points in Kyusho or Dim Mak.

So what should we do...

  1. Continue to preach it deceiving others?
  2. Pretend we do not know these truths?
  3. Hide behind others or in the crowd?
  4. Allow the truth to remain hidden while others tout it?
  5. Become the hypocrite that knows or believes something, but declares and continues with what they found false.

It is Kyusho.com that has been stating for near 20 years of new discoveries, boldy stepping out from the crowd to help anyone seeking the reality of Kyusho as opposed to the myth or theory.  Yes this is a bold statement that will undoubtedly make a few enemies or critics.

But success only comes with resistance... rage into it!

... and luckily there is an antidote to this hypocrisy... drop the acupuncture books and pick up an anatomy book.




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