It is in the How

There are many different ways to train in Kyusho, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

For example most practitioners train only on theory, others train on gross motor skill with set techniques.

However, if you want to develop actual skill that will help you more in realistic and urgent need, then training must be programmed into the body differently.

In YouTube videos (which let's face it,  is where most people see Kyusho for the first time),  is just set technique (with very few exceptions).  This is how most train and why Kyusho gets many non believers (that it is viable in real situations).  Those that do train for this, do not publish the training as it is kept privately in their individual methodology or for their members only.

The process is not a memorization method, but rather a dynamic training process that shortens the training time, as well as increases the skills exponentially.  It must be ingrained into the reflexive processes rather than the gross motor skills typically tapped into with conventional training methods.

We must learn how to learn, not simply copy a pattern or series of methods, we must develop a reflexive ability with our acquired knowledge and skill.  We must become strong and independent relying on ourselves to forge a skill and ability that you alone possess for yourself.

When an individual learns Kyusho they are set free, free of specific technique, free of memorized patterns or information to pass testing protocols, they are transcended to a whole new dimension of possibility and potential, according to their own personal needs, capabilities and limitations.  You become your own instructor and unleash the real potentials we all have as individuals.

Do not fear stepping out on your own, fear remaining under a controlled paradigm where your personal growth is limited, seek the unlimited power and possibility that you can personally achieve... this can be found in Kyusho, when you train free and not under a controlled or structured system.  You must be trained to be the creator of yourself not the copy of another...