hongkong3Kyusho goes ashore in China.

Daniel Obon our Certifying Instructor in Taiwan is continuing to spread Kyusho worldwide.  So far he is helping in Taiwan, Malaysia, Sinagapore, Argentina and other countries.

From Daniel: 

Still in HK after the first seminar conducted. It was a fantastic experience with 56 participants which I believe 14 will stay in the new study group I set up. Also met one wing chun instructor of a big school in China who is interested in a group and we had attending the head inspector of Hong Kong police who is also part of China’s president bodyguard team.

I managed to invite 2 TV channels, one is a national news of Taiwan, Hong kong correspondent and the other one is a HK martial arts TV show, so we filmed a whole chapter on Kyusho (30 min)

Many good things can come out from here, I just tell you the fresh news, if we have updates I will keep you informed. I consider that it is my responsibility to tell you these news as we are an organization and we all benefit from everyone’s success. 


Daniel, It is great news and it is important for people to realize the system works anywhere.... it is the individual that must actually work it before it can work.
When you have time, please send me some pictures of the seminar, TV stations and other ventures and I will them to a blog on your success... thanks for helping KI reach more people!
As Kyusho re-enters Asia under the guidance of Daniel Obon, the growth of Kyusho is close to circling the entire planet.
This means we as the current generation of Kyusho, have a huge responsibility to instruct the clearest and most concise information, training and skill acquisition we are able to.  We need to distance ourselves from the myths and incorrect instructional paradigms and constantly research and advance as we move into the future.
Check this post occasionally as we continue to update as Daniel can send us more information.
May 6, 2014 update:  
This is a trailer the TV did on the program that will be on air by next week
Here is Daniels Photo album of the event:
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