The Bible is actually a Battle Manual in that it is the epic Battle of Good vs Evil, God vs. Satan, or Yin and Yang if you will, diametrically opposed forces. It is comprised of war, battles, conquest and conquering, strategy, looting, technique, armor and so many more factors.

As we are in constant battle with evil forces and people, we must always develop our minds, body and soul as is the warrant of the scriptures. It's writings also are a method to prepare for deadly or evil opponents with "Situational Awareness", "Normalcy Bias", Tools, Targets, Adaptability, Environment, Physical and Spiritual Preparation and more.

This second account in an ongoing series will be entitled Biblical Kyusho as it is depicted in the Bible. The premise being that a Vital Target had a specific and duplicate-able affect on the recipient... not depicted verbatim as in that the Bible for safety reasons. As example the first target killed the recipient,this target will contract (shrink) the Sinew and cause dislocation.

As the first account listed the actual scripture, the target, the technique, the tool and even the affect, we will continue here.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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