Vital Points of Jyodan (Upper Row) and Spots to be attacked

Affects:  Fainting - Give abnormal pains to breast and neck portion by stimulation of Ulna nerve.

The image for this video is an old photograph (newly enhanced), showing Choki Motobu striking this exact target. Whether he called it by the name Hikitsume, or another makes no difference, in fact the names where all different depending on the language, dialect or region you learned it from.

What is vital is that it is a known weak target (Kyusho) of many a old style and practitioner. That it is described more in Hohan Sokens notes as a nerve target (not pressure point), and the physiological affects as well, helps us understand the real intent or ways of training in the older days of the Martial Arts, before it was sportified and codified.

Also that this target was included in the 36 Kyusho Targets of the Bubishi is also noteworthy, and may even be the origin of Hohan Sokens notes and others such as Mabuni, Fujita, Miyagi, and many others in the days of old.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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