Colloidal Silver

For Health and First Aid

As long time subscribers know, my professions are in natural health therapies as well as self protection (some call it Martial Arts). This career sends me around the world treating and teaching the arts frequently. I also make and use my own colloidal silver that always travels with me. I learned to make it to assure quality, high PPM (parts per million silver concentration) and save a ton of money in the process.

Traveling is another word for increased exposure, to air, water, food and contractual pathogens. Now for the most part, 20+ continuous years of travel on this scope, helps your body develop certain resistance levels. But occasionally a bit of extra help is beneficial so that performance during the trip is maintained. But the main goal not to bring anything back home to those with less resistance and let’s face it, greater personal comfort.

Let’s face it having a head cold with congested sinuses at 35,000 feet does not a pleasant journey make. Nor is Montezuma's revenge while teaching a 6 hour course a situation anyone would care to live through.

As more of a natural health advocate, drugs or pharmaceuticals are not an option. However with colloidal silver constantly packed, they are not necessary.

I always travel with it for various needs that can occur for me or travel partners. These benefits of colloidal silver are diverse and quickly realized.

As example spraying eyes, ears, nose and throats after a flight will offset many airborne or seaborne germ attacks. And even if contracted when caught early on the remedy is realized usually in less than a day.

Pardon the following disgusting account

Well as a Martial Artist, the instruction is given typically in a gym or Dojo. These floors are usually matted, but often times not. But in either case it is most times expected to be taught barefoot... as is many styles tradition or for mat longevity. CollodialSilver will remedy this issue substantially faster than any medication as well as keep it developing with regular use.

Yes you may have already guessed; athletes foot is a viral issue that can attack, even from a hard wood flooring. Yet it can not withstand an application of colloidal silver. Within a day it was completely mitigated.

As for sore throats, at the start of a cold, eye sty’s, digestive issues, burns or even just cleaning your hands or sitting area... silver is one travel essential.

And let's not forget the current outbreak of Corona Virus.


More in depth information and a video of me making it... 

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