Technical Training

Head Targets for control of the perpetrator.

This nerve can easily be compressed against the back of the bone for compliance of the perpetrator.  It is a target that has long been known by Law Enforcement agencies around the world. It is the goal to enhance the understanding and therefore capability of the Agents to utilize it more efficiently and successfully.

This target is one of the most versatile on the human body and therefore has vast potential and possibility for the Agent. The reactions of the perpetrator will be predictable and therefore even more efficient and useful. By understanding how it can directly affect the mind and body with various manipulations the Agents can strategically position the individual for control, submission (where they give up fighting), or in an advantageous position for a fellow Agent.

The target can be pressed upwards or downward to effectively compress the nerve against the bone to and cause the physical reactions. This point has many physical effects on the recipient:

  • Hands weaken and open
  • Arms move in accordance to pressure applied
  • Neck Muscles weaken
  • Torso folds or arches back in accordance to pressure applied
  • Legs extend or collapse in accordance to pressure applied
  • Physical strength diminishes
  • Causes severe pain and temporary loss of thought and motor control

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