The Martial Artists Goal

As Martial Artists, we work tirelessly to harden our bodies, mind and spirit against an opponent. This time the opponent is Viral and chances to avoid contact with it is slim. So what we must do instead is to Harden ourselves against the intrusions it can inflict.

There are natural ways (as a Medical Vaccine is still not at the ready). Yes we can isolate ourselves for brief times, but we all will need food, or even going back out after "Designated" curfew has been lifted. And as it is we carry viruses in us perpetually, so learning to fortify the body naturally with Herbs (think of the Bubishi), is the only option so that we can resist the attack of this pandemic.

For methods that have been successful in the past thousands of years, and even in this modern time (sorry not posted publicly for many reasons)...


#Kyusho  -ep


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