Gut and Head Shot

Oyata's Passai - Application 18

First a special note that the filming was patched together using other video due to a hard drive issue. The techniques and methods are the same as the original filming, so this has not altered the information.

This is a common action in many Karate Styles as it is a dynamic Morote Uke action, this dynamic action also lends to its versatility as an offensive action that is adaptable for many targets on the opponent. The side movement of the initiating hand is excellent as the preemptive striking action, however for this filming we allowed it to play a more passive roll in the way of a parry or blocking action. The lower hand was now the initial striking action against a vital target known as "Inazuma" from Hohan Sokens Secret Notes. Soken describes the affects of this Kyusho Target as:

"Fatal - Different between right and left, same as Denko. (Fatal - In case of right Denko, stimulation to the lung by the severe shock of the liver and nervous organs of both organs are to be lost. In case of the left, stimulation to the lung and heart by severe shock of the stomach and nervous organs are to be lost.)"

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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