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Part 18 of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection Series

Today we're going to be talking about one more sound techniqueThis time from a couple of long time students.

Joe Shola was in my original school back in the 1980's he left for a few years has since returned to pick up on his Kyusho Training. Anthony Rotella a new 6th Dan in Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai and also a 6th level Practitioner in Kyusho International.

As they were experimenting in one of the times I was there working with the sounds, they worked from two different positions for grappling. One from Joe was from a clinch into a Guillotine, using sound to make it easier to secure and another from Anthony working from the rear naked choke to open the opponent up and enable a better set on that choke.

As an important sidenote here... I just recently got a message on YouTube (you can read it in the comments of one of the most more recent sound videos https://youtu.be/wi_rYw3wszE ) on how he stopped using the sounds. I guess they were using it and didn't really understand the ramifications, but it was making people ill and making them quit because they didn't want to train further with the sounds. Of course this happens because you're affecting the somatic and the autonomic nervous system. The autonomics are your breathing, your digestion, your elimination, Etc. so if all of this slows down, speeds up, or is inpaired you're not going to feel well. You're going to of course get sick or have some symptoms that are not very pleasant. So again when you're watching this, practice it with caution and understand how to remedy these ramifications quickly, so that people don't have lasting issues. He further stated he did try to do the fixes, but people just don't like getting the effects of it.

We can understand that Kyusho is not for everybody as it's an internal martial art. It's an internal attack, which most are not used to, most are used to outside concussions and stimulations from everyday life, whether you bump into a counter, get struck, Etc. But we're not used to something attacking the internal nervous system, organs, or blood systems. These attacks not only run you down quicker, but it affects your psyche as well. When a person is attacked inside and they have never experienced it before, it's quite unnerving. And as I have always stated; it attacks the mind the body and the spirit as well as the physiology.

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