We really need to grow up!

In Kyusho there was a time and place for showing KO's, but that time has long passed.

The Martial Arts community does not and will not take us seriously if we keep promoting KO's on social media, the general public think we are idiots or frauds.  In fact even kids have copied some of these basic KO's they see and have duplicated them... yup, right on the same social media networks you use to promote your "high skills".... even though a kid not even trained can do it!

This is what people see, no matter what you may think of your KO, even those "Advanced" ones... it looks bogus, kids can duplicate it without training, people ridicule it (some admittedly with good reason) and it shows an immaturity (of look at me, look what I can do, am I cool or what).  And worse, these KO's are the same thing we have seen for over 20 years... no growth, no maturity... no wonder people have a disdain or aversion to it.

Kyusho is so vast and deep in possibilities, to stay focused on this one avenue is not gaining mass appeal, never will... in fact the only people it attracts are those of the same level of maturity.  We are running in circles folks, not reaching out to help people as we should, just staying mired in the old "look how long my belt is" mindset.

Kyusho must be treated as the sophisticated  educational and study of the anatomy it really is.  But these immature KO's, especially on the social media outlet where people post even that they brushed their teeth this morning, is really not the promotional platform for this amazing body of information.

I know this is rather inflammatory and there will be slack and negative feedback... but it is absolute truth.... if we are to mature and grow, we need to present ourselves as doing the same.

We are in a period of mental and spiritual awakening around the world, we can no longer stay in the past.


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