Part 19 of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection Series

Validating The Application

This segment of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection was centered around validation processing. We do this for everything we do as if only one person can make it work, it is not worth keeping as a one off technique.

Tools - So here we are using the Iron Bone Hand for all testing, but we have worked the same target with elbows, knuckles, knees, chins, shoulders and wrists, all with the same results.

Targets - The two nerves we are going to mention and use are the Temporal Branch and the Zygomatic Branch of the Facial Nerve. They lay next to each other and are applied in the same trajectory with all mentioned tools.

Trajectories - We are only applying pressure this testing round (not striking), pressing up into the overlaying bone structures (Zygomatic and Temporal Bones from the frontal face toward the Brain Stem).

Notes - Again the application is with a steady pressure, not a shocking pulse as in compression's, or a concussive action of a strike. We did this to better illustrate and validate the added sound projection not shock factor. They were all applied from the mount position so the recipients had no withdrawal counter measure, this assured a more reliable base to test from. Although most of the practitioners were Male, we did have a Female practitioner also that you can observe the same results. Typically I take these tests around the world in seminars of varying countries with many more participants and a more diverse body structure build, variant. But for this small control group you can still achieve a validation. Later this year I will be traveling more to validate it further, but as always we work it in the Shihan's School and training first to refine the method to best suit a wide variety of people in the various seminars. The Mansfield school has long been a testing ground.

Opportunity - If you would like to be a part of this process, training with the Shihan's at their school where these films are created, methods tested and validated, our International Kyusho Convention will be hosted by them at this location this November 2023. For all the information use this link:

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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