Every day there is something to be thankful for!

And today I owe gratitude for a distant friend, Alex Garoufalidis (a fellow Greek) from Germany.

Some Background

Paraphrased from the website:

Alex is a guitarist-extraordinaire who founded King’s Call a melodic Hard Rock band with Azerbaijani Asec Bergemann on drums and Andreas Kramer on the bass guitar. Alex has also jammed and recorded with the likes of Graham Bonnet (of Alcatrazz), and Chuck Wright (House Of Lords! Quiet Riot).

Kings Call debut effort released in 2008 "No Alibi", Their second in 2011 labeled “Destiny,” and their third “Lion’s Den,” in 2013. Every song from my perspective is a winner; melodic but powerful playing with a distinctive sound. All the music and lyrics on their third “Lion’s Den,” were written by Alex Garoufalidis, and sung by Mike Freeland, one of the top vocalists of the genre, who is known for his work fronting the legendary Praying Mantis.


A random act of kindness

Through social media Alex and I connected with exchanges that were always upbeat, friendly and just plain fun. We never met but the exchanges continued randomly, as example I would occasionally send an image of a Lion that I saw in travels, like the "Caged Lion" from the Inner Imagery Post.

As I am always producing educational and training films and quick clips for YouTube, I was always looking for music to suit the films. The thought occurred to me that I should use a friends music to help promote his talents instead of the canned music available from YouTube.

So I messaged him and without hesitation he said yes... dang I wish everything was that easy! Within 6 hours he returned the track/s... the first were to see if the direction was OK, then the final... again, Dang I wish everything was this smooth!

So here is a video of gratitude for him that I will set to DTube first and then for his ease of access and distribution, on YouTube.

I will be using the background music Alex wrote for me for all my new videos... so each Dtube video you see here, we can thank him for the background.


Thanks Alex... Rock On!

MUSIC CREDITS: Produced exclusively for Kyusho International
Alex Garoufalidis of Kings Call
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/alex.kingscall
Website: http://www.kingscall.de/


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