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Sometimes we find ourselves in a grappled situation where we attempt to dig the elbow into the femoral nerve to open the opponents guard.  For whatever reason such as the opponent does not feel the leg target, or you are too tightly held to use it, we have another great targets under the ribs.

elbowTry this..

Accessible just under the ribs is the Liver (right side), Spleen (left side) and the Diaphragm (across the entire expanse), that we can utilize.

You must work the elbow across the body as if you try to press up and outward there is no strength or support making the attempt ineffective.

Also as you attempt this the opponent will be raising with their abdominal and side oblique muscles tightening as they lift, protecting the underlying anatomical structures.

A great way around this difficulty is to place your elbow in between the abdominal and the side obliques... so that you will not be on a muscle that will protect the organs.

As the opponent lifts, pull the elbow back against the abdominal structure pull in the muscle out of the way.  This also serves to stretch out the side obliques, as you then pulse up under the rib structure.

This can open the body, cause physical weakening as well as dizziness from a drop in blood pressure or a cessation of breathing.  This occurs as you attack the organ and the autonomic nerve system, which in turn affects the somatic motor nerve transmissions.


Again no pressure points are needed, just an understanding of the anatomy and it's inherent weaknesses.



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