Controlling Factor

Let's face it we all fancy ourselves modern commandos and even train with weapons that are accessible to us, conventional and historical.

However when under immediate attack can you deploy it (it is at hand, can you use it in the environment and constraints of time presented)?

If attacked does that attack warrant the use of that weapon or would that just be seen as an illegal act that further jeopardizes you?

This is why hand to hand protection will never go away, it is the last bastion of personal security that is always (unless tied up and then you just missed the first opportunity), ready and there to help you.

So your job is to hone these skills and your personal effectiveness to the highest degree possible.  This is the realm of Kyusho!

With Kyusho you know the weakest targets of the opponent, you know how they will react to each target giving you the possibility of strategy over reaction.  There are no down side issues in studying Kyusho, but there is infinite upside potential... so what do you say.... Got Kyusho?