Kyusho Training is good and bad.

I know you are anxious to know what's bad about Kyusho and personally I see nothing wrong, however it is a matter of perspective.

First the good:

  • Efficient - no strength, speed or endurance is needed, just good timing making it simple and therefore efficient
  • Effective - you choose the level of dysfunction or control you need to impart
  • Instant - no fancy techniques or processes are needed, just a simple target reached
  • Control - you do not need to break or damage to have effective protection for self or others
  • Empowering - it reveals how much potential an individual has
  • Balancing - it allows the smaller weaker individual to hold their own against larger and stronger opponents
  • Infinite - anyone can do it within their own personal physical abilities there is no cap on age or situational need
  • Etc.  There is far more, but this is a good base

Now the Bad:

  • It hurts
  • Requires hands on practice (see above)

Kyusho is a core component to long lasting skills and potentials as you can get better with age as opposed to technique based method that can fade with aging and all it's limitations.  This is why it was primarily only passed on after many years of disciplined study and to only select people.  It is not everyone that has patience or discipline to handle the training (proper realistic training), or realize that there is no need for fancy technique or common sense of real need and possibility.

We as Kyusho practitioners really need to help others also see this, it is not the bravado or macho ability to break someone physically, but rather it is a simple method of control, both over an unruly or adversarial individual and yourself.




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