Godenko:   The lowest end of the Backbone (tailbone) -  Attack by Ken and Kick

Affects:  Fatal - Give severe shock to all spinal nerves, stimulate cerebrum, and cause the both organs of sense and motor to be lost.

This target is a very powerful target that will take advanced skill to get to as it lay on the back. However it is well worth the practitioners time to train it as has 4 levels of control or defeat of the opponent. There is the pain and dysfunctional level that only takes a slight pressure to accomplish that will drop the opponent to the floor. There is the next level that causes unconsciousness,followed by levels of paralysis and fatality.

As with all of Hohan Sokens chosen targets they are powerful and to be coveted as a true base of Karate Kata, no matter the style. It is left for each practitioner to train them well enough to embed them into their own style as they were originally, yet lost over time to the sportification and instruction to the general public.

The Masters of old,placed far more emphasis and importance on understanding of the use of the specific technique, tools and trajectories as a mapping of the bodies weaknesses, rather than the perfection of performance of these techniques. This can be evidenced by watching the seemingly sloppy ways the used to perform Kata compared to today's emphasis on athleticism.

The extended films contains the introduction seen above, along with the Anatomical Research and actual demonstration.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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