Health, Wellness and Protection is now Globally translatable with 66 languages!

As we have enjoyed an international audience and clientel from over 72 countries over the past 17 years (started in 1995), the new website has finally allowed us to have a full translation bar for your home language.

At the top of the webpage, just select your language (and also hide the translation bar if you desire), so that all pages and posts are easily and automatically readable for you in your favored language.

Our mission continues; to help as many people understand, learn and help others with Kyusho around the world... please share this website with your friends... especially now all can read it easier than ever before.

And please leave a comment below to let us know if this is convinient for you!

Just completed making the Advanced Kyusho Forum able t be translated into all languages, just click on the translate button on the bottom left corner of the page!