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We have taken an ancient knowledge and advanced it as well as modernized it.

For many years we looked at the old traditional styles and knew there was something missing, it could not be as simple as punch and kick, to be so highly revered.  Fighting is not a noble venture, it is a necessity at times... so why escalate the respect of the fighting arts and more interestingly the "Masters" of them.  The respect came or was earned as the old Masters knew something more profound, they knew Anatomy, Physiology and Functionality... another reason many were also the bone setters or Doctors of their towns and Countries.

We are so honored to expose this more elusive information from the ancients and past eras, instructors and documents and have been able to bring them to life.  It is a great responsibility as well, as we must keep current, valid and co-join these within the parameters or limitations of acceptability in society.  As example it is not safe for you to use an eye gouge in self defense as it can cause permanent disability in the attacker.  And no matter how "Fitting" this may appear or seem or you justified the action, once in the courtroom, you will have wished you had not learned that method.

We must also seek greater truth of working mechanisms, not relying on tradition, hearsay or following another blindly, we must seek why it works and discard the myth, legend, esoteric or false paradigms and practices, ingraining instead simple workable models.  When we find something that is no longer valid we must change without fear you may confuse or alienate your audience, those that continue to spew false method or understanding in light of new or validated scientific and or medical understanding, are no longer valid as they lead others astray.

As we blaze ahead in the Kyusho world, we see the other groups trying to catch up to where they are copying and presenting our pioneering ideas, methods and processes to their groups as advancement.  We are glad they are following our lead, copying our formats, trying to use the names and monickers we developed to their own use and even our methods, as we are still advancing all of Kyusho's practices globally, they are helping us by following our lead.  What we publicly release is only what we want them to use and the directions they move in.

What we are teaching in private now, one day we will release so that all may still advance and promote the overall agenda.  If you rather be on the cutting edge as opposed to waiting for the others to copy and utilize archaic method:


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