Gaishoho Intro - the 6th of seven arm KO's from Hohan Soken

The Gaishoho Target is more protected than most other arm targets in that the surrounding muscle, tendon and ligaments are strong and difficult to bypass in the beginning. However as with anything, dedicated practice will make it easier and more reliable in combative need.

We can utilize many Kata postures to enable this vital target as the proper tool, body actions and weight distribution can all be brought to bear on it. The target lay opposite to the Pulsing Spot (Naishoho) and induces intense pain and dysfunctione when accessed properly.

Hohan Sokens chosen tools were the Ken (Fist), Isshiken (Single Knuckle Fist), Tettui (Hammer fist) and Dagger, but by knowing the anatomical structure, the physiology and function, we then can adapt other tools to cause great control or defeat of our opponent

The affects were noted as,Fainting due to the shock of the nerves, and cause loss of motor function, however with more understanding we can also affect the blood system as well.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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