Juji-Uke with Sound Projection

Part 13 of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection Series

As we had explored the Juji-Uke for Blood Chokes earlier, that included 4 directions on the head and neck to illicit a bllod knockout with Kyusho compression. Now we revistited the Juji-Uke only this time with with Sound Projection to the more superfiscial nerve targets.

Sound in fact will not work with Blood Targets, it must be used in conjunction with the nervous system to cause a dysfunctional effect on the opponent. however these affects are very powerful and disruptive to an opponent and the more superfiscial targets will take less effort and skill to attain. That should make this viable for any style, action or strength factor for the practitioner to use.

The actions can even be accomplished without using the actual Juji-Uke action, as only the Target, Tool, Trajectory and Sound Projection is the Key. That makes it more diverse in attack positions as well as fighting applications. For example once skilled in this Kyusho deployment, you could use a simple hand tool to the same target with the same target and trajectory with sound and achieve the more profound and powerful affects. This could be done from striking at distance, in a clinch, mounted or rear mounted position and so many more situations. The only caveat is that the recipients ear must be able to pick up the sound waves,so for example if you are in a loud situation like a club or construction site, the elevated noise levels will mask your sound projection and the affects will be muted (but regular Kyusho will still have the full effects).

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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