Fukuto is a overlooked yet very powerful target... to be attacked by fist or kick according to Hohan Sokens notes. However we must remember that these were his personal choice of tools to use for this target, we can use others provided they can penetrate the protective layers to reach the underlying anatomical target in the correct manner.

So who overlooks this target... well, everyone, as they opt for other more recognized or know targets. Why would they overlook it though, that is what we should ask ourselves. The reason I believe is apprehension, they can not understand the location, the affects, or they do not trust what the author states about it. So they do not research it further, they just move to a different target option. It is the same when people read the Bubishi or Fujitas Scroll, or others, they can not understand or do not believe so they simply ignore the target and or it's affects. But the question to them is then, if the other targets did work as documented, why not believe this particular target now?

Others claim that this is another target that they do know or are familiar with, however the issue is that those targets they switched to are stated later in the notes and they have a very different result.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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