A brief history

The film above depicts a general and brief description of how Kyusho International was founded and deployed, creating the largest Kyusho organization in the world.

The curriculum was developed and refined over 20 years before releasing to the public and now being used in over 45 countries worldwide.

And of course there are many break away groups that try to keep up, but Kyusho International was founded and refined on innovation, research, experience and field testing.

And we are just getting started as we are like the Blockchain (if you have not heard of this you soon will as it will change the world as did the internet people laughed at so long ago) of de-centralized independent instructors working the same Blockchain.

What that means is we have a central core that individuals adapt to their unique style and preferences.  No longer is the centralized authoritarian oligarch of the 10th dan the only way in the Martial Arts.


More upcoming films and history... stay tuned.


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