Kyusho is Infinite

This posting was spawned by a number of comments on a posted video at YouTube. the poster stating the technique would not work against an MMA fighter (seems to be the catch phrase for folks these days that measure life by the MMA). What he could not understand in the line of answers to his rebuttals, was that Kyusho is not a technique, that it was placed in a Kali Technique on this specific video, is not Kyusho, it was how to enhance Kali with Kyusho.

In any event, those that negate Kyusho are those that have not trained it, they simply see a demonstrated idea and target and classify it against a standard they have seen (not necessarily trained), more of. The difficulty with this approach is that they are not proficient enough in either to qualify or quantify the arguments they pose. That said, many a fighter from MMA's Chuck Liddel to Boxings Mike Tyson, Oscar De LaHoya and other fighters, actually know and have discussed many a vital target. They did not specifically call it Kyusho, but they did proclaim specific targets as causing unconsciousness (as this film claimed and demonstrated).

The specific target is the main issue, along with the best tool and of course the trajectory used in the attack. How you get this accomplished is infinite, even though there is only one target area, in this case the Zygomatic Branch of the Facial Nerve. Now since this target can be accessed correctly using many tools and methods of engagement (Techniques, Styles, Arts). it is for the Martial Artist to adapt themselves to it to suit their skills and methodologies.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

#Kyusho -ep