"Single Blade of Grass Hand"

One of the 6 Ji hands is named the "Single Blade of Grass Hand".

The "Single Blade of Grass Hand" is a unique hand position pictured above is in many arts but unfortunately locked it the thought of the practitioner or teaching that you only strike with the finger tip.  But this concept negates the very nature of the Martial Arts as being a blending of duality (hence infinite possibility) that would open many doors for those that embrace this transitioning duality (Yin - Yang).

As example if the fingers close and one extends, this perfectly illustrates this duality... but taking it further look at the action of the hands,

If we look at the closure process from the open hand to this hand position we can envision (or apply) two blood stopping compression's on the arteries (Carotid) and veins (Jugular) of the neck as well as attacking critical nerve structures (Hypoglossal and or Vagus).  This can be accomplished from a frontal, side or rear position and the amount of compression applied on any of these structures will be determined by the strength of grip, penetration of fingers, and size comparison of the applied hands and opposition’s neck.  The mere compression can be enough to stop the flow of blood as you simultaneously weaken the muscles via the nerve compression, but the damaging possibilities lay in the rotation of the wrist to stretch these vital (Kyusho) structures.


100_0948So why say it is a Shoken?

Well training the finger tips to withstand a concussive blow is an inefficient expenditure of time when instead all you need to do is further contract the fingers into the Shoken position.  This creates a more solid base into the hand to absorb the tensile shock on concussion with the target, saves time in conditioning and minimizes possible damage to the practitioner during use.

Not only that but when training the hand for "Tiger" type methods of grabbing and training, this method has additional strength... although it limits its flexibility.

So let's take the example above for the Single Blade of Grass Hand and see the difference with the Shoken.  What it lacks in penetration it makes up for in strength and integrity of structure.  You will have greater ability (with less training), to seize and close the blood vessels, or windpipe or a myriad of other possibilities.

There are s many other possibilities for the Shoken if the practitioner looks at the weapon's duality rather than the simple obvious use.  This is a valuable lesson for each aspect of your Karate training... look beyond folks... look way beyond.  This is not thinking outside the box, it is thinking and acting inside and outside of that proverbial "Box".

Kyusho helps you unlock your Karate.