One of the Best Targets in Kyusho

What is it, where is it, how do you hit or compress it, what are the affects, what reactions will the opponents have, will it knock them out, will it hurt them, does it work for real, will it work on everybody, is it easy, does it need a set up?

All these questions and more are on the mind of a Kyusho practitioner any time you mention a Kyusho Target... especially one that most do not use or know, but have been in the old texts of Kyusho as well as many Martial Arts. Now this is not a new target, however it is very unique and special... oh and probably the most powerful target on the human body.

So why is it that people do not use it or think that merely knowing of it, that they have it.. but like anything can you really be sure if you have not tried it at least?

So what target is it?

This target is in virtually every Martial Arts style in the world, but never really trained due to the risks and especially as safe application is not understood.  Now focusing just on how devastating it is to shock to the nerves (as it jolts the brain stem as well), if struck hard and you have a very powerful and readily accessible target.  For training work primarily with the outer ear nerves developing access skills,when the need arises, take the whole target, use the "Iron Palm" explosive concussion method seen in the "6 Ji Hands" video for maximum result.  Here are the repercussions for a real or misjudged training application...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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