The Martial Arts (MA) have changed, no longer are they "Style" specific (loyal to one style only), but everyone is now open to what was once called "Cross Training"

Practitioners jump from style to style taking bits and pieces to form their own personality style... welcome to the modern age.

We have now the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) which anything goes from Karate, Filipino, Boxing, Wrestling, Jujutsu and even through Tai Chi and the softer arts are all integrating anything of value.  The Martial Arts have gone through a complete transformation... well almost, it's only a face-lift.

The reason it is only a face-lift is two fold:


If you have been around the Martial Arts for a long time you will have seen MA fads come and go.  This is not to say they are good or bad, it is simply an undeniable fact that MA go through these stages of popularity and flash to attract new people (this is for most businesses).  The length of time they stay is variable, but think back at the most recent: Arobic kickboxing, Self Defense, Anti Bully, Anti Abduction, Circuit Training, Krav Maga, Tai Chi (yes at one time many schools offered this when a celebrity mentioned the value, many schools instantly put up a placard saying they too offered Tai Chi) and the list goes on.  And yes they can attract new people although many times fleeting.

At this time the JuJutsu fad is fading and the MMA has surpassed it...again not to say good or bad, just to observe the current lay of the MA market.  So in a short time (and already happening) the current fad will fade and something else will step in it's place (Yoga is now challenging this)... people always want to try something new.

So cyclically MA  undergoes a face-lift and sweeps people up


Let's face it we all need exercise, hobby, fun, challenge and a diversion from our routine life, (get up, go to work, come home,go to bed...) day after day for most. It is boring and people seek and need more so as not to become a robot of the corporate structure.  Now it is routine that so many run from, so keeping routine in the hobby or challenge negates the purpose... so how do you keep the fundamental routine of fitness, diversion and challenge from becoming routine...change it up constantly with a new FAD.  That way the arms and legs and brain are still swinging, but the approach is new.  The pendulum swings from self defense, to fitness, to spiritual development and back again... so always expect more.


There is one underlying facet to all the MA endeavors and that is the human anatomy,  yet so few understand it, research it, work with it in it's entirety, it's capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  Most challenge themselves to explore their personal capabilities as well as it's strengths, but so few ever look to the anatomy to understand the weaknesses.  And although it was the primary reason to make a Martial Art (how to attack the opponent at their weakest point to be more deadly and efficient on a battle field or in confrontation), it is far from that now.  Yes sport, modern laws and societal precepts have made the martial arts a shadow of it's former power and intent... but that is not all it stripped away from the Martial Experience.  It stripped away the real education of self and others, it stripped away the focus and discipline of the "Martial Artist", it stripped away the essence and spiritual fulfillment only that discipline and focus can incur.


Kyusho has the ability to bring the Martial Arts full circle to it's roots and original focus (each style was a compendium of the most powerful and efficient Martial targets, tools and techniques).  Not only does it bring a fundamental and profound understanding to the individual, but it also adaptable to any and all of the FAD's or those keeping with a firm traditional style.  And it is desperately needed by the whole Martial Arts community as it brings healing, health, skill, new capability, empowerment and satisfaction to all that adopt it.


I thought I would add this note to professionals in the Martial Arts; do not just add this to your roster as so many are now as it is not a FAD with that option... this must be adapted and implemented in a specific way so as to increase your enrollment, retain your current base and even reclamation of past clients.  In anything there is a right way to do things (which helps everyone over a longtime period) and there is a wrong way (which may bring you quick notice and clientele, but will quickly diminish), you must make the decision.  And as a professional you have an obligation to your clientele and they will always know which you chose.




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