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Let's face it, when we first started in Kyusho,we always tried to knock ourselves out to feel what it was like and to gain the skill.  But it didn't work out so well, it just hurt and made you dizzy or nauseous.  So why is it that you can not knock yourself out with your own hands?

Well there is a reason and it's the same reason you cannot tickle yourself.* The reasons are rather simple and so applicable as well as Vital to our Kyusho understanding.


Have you ever tried to tickle yourself?  You soon discover that it is nearly impossible to do, just because our brains are just to quick and responsive as well as intuitive.

Yes our Brains know what is about to happen before it happens as it must initiate the act. So in either case of trying to KO or tickle ourselves, it predicts the sensation or results before it actually happens, negating the affect as a predictive shield. This extract is taken from the Scientific American in 2007

The part of the Brain that can predict sensations when it is your own movement and actions that cause them, is the Cerebellum.  But even though it can predict and negate actions form you own actions, it cannot predict or negate other peoples action and stimulus. The cerebellum predicts and cancels the response mechanism of the other parts of your Brain.


The reason our Brain negates or cancels these sensations out is that they are deemed unimportant stimulus or sensations.  Think of the wind on your face or the noise you make and how they do not shock or scare you. It blocks the normal or self initiated sensations in preparation for those unexpected and strange sensations like a bee on your hand or touching something hot or sudden noises... these all kick into the autonomic reflexes and response.

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*Information Credits: Dr. Steve Rivkin of the United Kingdom and Scientific American in 2007


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