Healing your body with Kyusho and Waking Up, with Evan Pantazi - Remarkable Entrepreneur 022

I was contact through my Steemit.com/@kyusho  Blog that I have mentioned here, in the forum and social media platforms.

The Interviewer is Adrian Nantchev with a relatively new Entrepreneurial channel that is quite good in it's concept and guests.   You can follow it by playing the video and tracking back to the many other interviews he has there.

Well the contact was made to discuss how Kyusho International had gotten as geographically spread out in short time, how the business model was working, how it began and the benefits for our affiliates.

The conversation took a wider spin into Health, Helping others with greater efficiency and how it related to our members personal lives.

Everything from constricted blood flow to electromagnetic fields... and even breaking the programming we have been subjected to.

We even break into the efforts to build the block-chain technologies into all of our businesses and lives.

I hope you enjoy the discussion.

Running time 45:00



#Kyusho  -ep