There are so many methods of energy development in the world how do you know which one is complete, which one is better for you individually, which will bring you to your personal goals rather than simply feeling better?

These are very difficult questions that can only be answered through experience with a number of methods, however, if you already have a process you feel comfortable and in sync with, then adding deeper energy work within that system would be the best idea for you.

For example if you are already in a Yogic practice and it feels to be right or correct for you, then learning how to better open and control your energy within that process would be the best answer for you.  If you do Tai Chi or the Ba Duan Gin or any other method already, the suggestion would be to stick with it adding or developing energy flow enhancements to it.

There are several keys from very simple to the more complex that are inherent in all methods... these keys are not limited to style as they are anatomical processes that allow you to more fully realize the energy that is already flowing through each individual in varying degrees.  This energy is the electrical stimulation of the brain and nervous system as it correlates to the external vibrations or energetic manifestations all around us.

In the coming months we will be expanding on this idea with books, videos and discussion forums, subscribe to this post to keep up to date.



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